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Litigating Consumer Rights Through Arbitration & Class Action Lawsuits

Consumer rights are a top priority for not only businesses and corporations but our St. Thomas consumer litigators as well. However, consumers don’t always receive the products and services they signed up for and can end up experience a messy situation with the business or corporation they entered an agreement with.

Consumers deserve the utmost protection and fair treatment when entering a transaction and relationship with businesses, so when those rights are violated, legal action must be taken. Our team of attorneys at ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC know what it takes to pursue the maximum compensation on behalf of our clients for the defects and malpractices of corporate and government entities.

We are compassionate to the unfortunate circumstances that our clients have suffered due to the breach of their consumer rights. Luckily, we’ve helped clients come out on top for the past decade by providing individualized attention and hard-hitting legal counsel. Discover the difference our St. Thomas litigators can make by contacting (404) 471-3999 for a free consultation!

Our Areas of Practice

In cases involving consumer rights violations, it’s important to pursue the maximum compensation to punish a company for its deceptive and unfair business practices. Don’t let large corporate entities get away with violating their legal obligation to protect you, the consumer. Instead, allow our fearless St. Thomas consumer litigators defend your rights and uphold your best interests.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in consumer litigation matters include:

Claim Damages with the Help of Our Lawyers

Our impressive recovery of more than $10 million on our clients’ behalves since 2013 proves that we can succeed. We aren’t intimidated by the size and power of corporations and large businesses. The law is the law, and when it’s broken, legal action is required.

As a consumer, you enter into a contract with a company when receiving its products or services. Thus, when a company violates this contract as well as consumer protection laws, the highest punishment must be sought. Count on our St. Thomas consumer litigators to do just that.

Your fight is our fight. Let’s work together to overcome your legal battle and contact (340) 201-4667 now!

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    All three attorneys are graduates from the Trial Lawyers College.

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    We will never stop working until we get the best possible outcome for our clients.

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    Our firm takes on a small caseload to ensure that your case receives the attention that it deserves.

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    Over $10 Million recovered for our personal injury clients. Our Attorneys are known for setting records in hard cases.

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    Our firm offers free consultations. It is important to us that we have the opportunity to get to know our clients in order to obtain the best result.

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    At ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC, our attorneys have over four decades of combined legal experience.

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