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A business dispute occurs when two or more parties have a disagreement over the terms of a contract or business deal. A dispute can arise between customers, business partners, employees and their employers. Business disputes may involve business policies or how the employer runs the company. If you are dealing with a business dispute in the Virgin Islands, contact ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC to reach a resolution. We maintain a smaller caseload so that you receive the undivided attention you deserve.

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Why Do You Need a Business Dispute Lawyer?

Business disputes can be complex and time consuming. A business lawyer will help you not only resolve the dispute in your favor, but do so as quickly and efficiently as possible. Then, your business lawyer can ensure your business operates smoothly, so that no future disputes occur. Your attorney can advise you what to do to solve contract-related and other disputes.

The litigation process can be complex, but a business dispute lawyer can handle all court procedures for you. Your lawyer is responsible for gathering information and evidence to win the dispute in your favor. An attorney will do everything in his or her power to protect your business and reputation during the claims process. A business lawyer can also guide you on how to avoid mistakes and issues in the future. Finally, your lawyer can refer you to other professionals for any specialized assistance you may need during your business dispute.

Common Business Disputes

Some of the most common business disputes occur from disagreeing over the terms of a contract. Contract disputes can be with contractors, suppliers, or business partners who usually work on a contract basis. Such disagreements can involve overpayment issues, delivery of quality goods or services, late deliveries, and other issues. If the quality of the provided goods or services is not up to par – even when the supplier gave warranties – then the recipient may file a claim against the party in the wrong.

Other business disputes often relate to employment matters. Employment disputes could involve employee contracts, nondisclosure agreements, and non-compete agreements. Unhappy or wronged employees can file claims against businesses that discriminate or harass employees, as well as those that violate their rights or are guilty of wrongful termination. No matter what issues your current business dispute involves, an attorney from ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC can help.

Preventing a Business Dispute

If you run a business and want to prevent further disputes, the best you can do is to limit the odds of an issue. You may not always be able to avoid all liability. To limit disputes, you can work with an attorney to craft legal documents and navigate complex dealings. In contract dealings, for example, you can use standard industry-approved forms for all business dealings.

You should also have strong employment policies in place in terms of hiring or firing employees. Make these policies clear before recruiting staff, so no one misinterprets the terms. This can help prevent future employment disputes. A business dispute lawyer can help in making such policies according to relevant employment laws. To prevent business disputes with customers over products, include product warnings and instructions to avoid any disagreements.

How to Resolve Business Disputes

Many business disputes occur due to clauses in business contracts. Your lawyer can solve a contract dispute in many different ways. If litigation is necessary, having a business dispute lawyer represent you in court can increase the odds of success. However, many resolutions occur outside of court, during arbitration. Arbitration is only an option if both parties agree to it. The arbitrator listens to both parties’ demands and then decides on a resolution.

Another potential solution is mediation. During mediation, an unbiased third party known as a mediator tries to reach a solution while keeping in mind the needs of both the parties.

If you are facing a business dispute with your business partner, employee, or customer, contact ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC today at (340) 201-4667 for a free consultation regarding your case. We represent clients during all types of legal processes in the Virgin Islands.

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