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Atlanta Passenger Accident Lawyer

Passengers of an Automobile Accident

Split-second poor decision and people can get injured or killed.  A two-car automobile crash is further complicated when the insurance companies disagree about which driver is liable for the accident. If you are an injured passenger, you need your medical bills paid, regardless of which insurance company pays out. The good news is that passengers involved in auto accidents do have a number of options available to them. The bad news is that no insurance company will not just come out and offer payment to anyone, let alone passengers. You will need an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney to fight for you.

First of all, the insurance companies will need to work out which party is at fault to determine percentage of liability. If the accident was a two car accident, one of the drivers is definitely going to be liable. If the accident was a one car accident, like crashing into a tree, then the driver will usually be liable. As a general rule, if the driver hits something, the driver is deemed to have performed an action that amounts to negligence.

In a car accident case, as with any Atlanta personal injury claim, you the plaintiff must be able to prove two things: 1. liability, meaning the defendant’s fault, and 2. damages, extent of injuries you suffered.
Yes, claiming compensation for car accident-related cases is very complicated. If you are a passenger who was injured in an Atlanta car accident, and have any questions about your legal rights, call us for your FREE case evaluation. The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Chanco Schiffer, P.C. are here to help you get the full compensation you deserve.
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