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Atlanta White Collar Crime Attorney

White-collar crimes are nonviolent criminal acts that typically take place in the business world. Generally, people commit white-collar crimes for personal gain. These offenses include various types of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and unethical business practices. Many government agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Internal Revenue Service oversee financial and business regulations, and some white-collar crimes are prosecutable under both Georgia State and Federal law. If you are facing charges of fraud or another white-collar crime, discuss your case with an attorney from ChancoSchiffer, PC.

Types of White-Collar Crimes

Some of the most common examples of white-collar crimes in America include:

  • Fraud. This word describes the misrepresentation of any official information. It can also describe any act meant to deceive an official process or investigation for the purposes of personal gain. For example, a man purchases a very large insurance policy on a new speedboat. A few weeks later, he decides to set fire to the boat to collect the insurance money. An investigation uncovers that the man intentionally set fire to the boat with the intention of defrauding the insurance company, leading to a charge of insurance fraud.
  • Extortion. This term describes any action meant to coerce favorable treatment from another entity, or to force compliance through threats or intimidation. For example, a company owner threatens a homeowner who refuses to sell his or her home to make way for a new real estate development.
  • Embezzlement or the misappropriation of company funds for personal gain. Embezzlement is a broad term that can also describe any instance in which an individual breaches his or her official fiduciary duty for personal gain. An example could include a company executive charging personal expenses to a company credit card and writing them off as business expenses.
  • Insider trading. Many publicly-traded companies can see stock values fluctuate tremendously in a very short time. Every publicly-traded company has a fiduciary duty to its shareholders to release pertinent information in a timely manner as soon as it becomes available if it may have any bearing on the decision to hold stock with the company. The “insiders” or employees working in these companies know these things before the public, but they may not make any adjustments to their personal stock portfolios using this “insider knowledge” until it is also available to the public. This prevents company officers and stockholders from unloading a large amount of stock in anticipation of price drops.
  • Tax evasion. Virtually every working adult in America must pay taxes to some degree, and tax evasion describes any misrepresentation or fraud meant to conceal income or otherwise avoid paying taxes. In the business world, this can apply to illegally transferring property or altering company assets to avoid paying required taxes.
  • Ponzi schemes.
  • Coined after the first large-scale offender of this type of crime, a Ponzi scheme is any investment scheme that lures unwary investors with the promise of high, fast returns. The people running the scheme will generally pay off early investors with the investments of new investors, pocketing as much as possible until the scheme implodes on itself.

These are just a few examples of white-collar crimes. It’s important to understand that some apparent white-collar crimes are honest mistakes, the results of mixed up documentation, filing errors, or other issues that can have devastating consequences without the right legal representation.

If you or a loved one are facing charges for any type of white-collar crime, you need a criminal defense attorney you can trust to protect your rights. The attorneys at ChancoSchiffer P.C. understand how complex white-collar crime litigation can be, but we don’t shy away from intense legal battles on behalf of our clients. Contact our Atlanta office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. We will review the charges against you and help you develop a solid defense.