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Representing Victims in a Civil Suit Against Abusers

From 2003- to 2016, Georgia tragically lost more than 1,671 citizens to domestic violence. Whether physical, mental, or emotional, abuse often causes serious trauma for the victims. Though such abuse is against the law, civil suits are sometimes victims’ only path to justice.

If you’ve suffered abuse and need help, Atlanta attorneys ChancoSchiffer P.C. can offer a way for crime victims to receive fair financial compensation for their suffering.

Types of Crime Victim Abuse in Atlanta

Domestic violence and abuse are some of the most common circumstances for abuse, and can manifest in many ways. These include:

  • Physical abuse. Physical abuse occurs when someone is using physical aggression to gain control over another person. It includes acts such as punching, hitting, slapping, kicking, strangling, or physically restraining someone. If someone makes another person feel physically unsafe, it is abuse.
  • Sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is a crime on its own, but it also may involve physical abuse. Rape or other forced sexual acts are the most widely recognized forms of sexual abuse. United States law considered marital rape legal until the late 1990s. Someone forcing non-consensual sexual acts, no matter what the relationship between him or her and the victim, is a sexual abuser. Any situation in which one person uses sex to control another person is sexual abuse.
  • Verbal or emotional abuse. Verbal and/or emotional abuse can go unidentified because the line between cruelty and emotional abuse is less clear than with other types of abuse. Legally, verbal or emotional abuse is exponentially more difficult to prove. Verbal or emotional abuse occurs when someone manipulates emotions or uses cruel words to harm and hold power over another.
  • Mental or psychological abuse. This is another form of abuse that occurs when someone damages or weakens another person’s sense of mental well-being and health, and can happen through physical or verbal attacks. Mental or psychological abusers make their victims doubt their sanity. Victims of mental or psychological abuse often feel a dependent on their abusers and feel hesitant to tell anyone about the abuse.

Abusers can also commit financial or economic abuse, which involves taking control of another person’s finances and not letting him or her access it. Financial or economic abuse often makes it difficult for the victim to leave, as he or she often does not have any money with which to support him or herself.

The final main type of abuse is cultural or identity abuse. It happens when one person uses some aspect of another person’s identity to make him or her suffer or to gain control.

Filing a Civil Suit Against Abusers in Atlanta

Some people believe a criminal prosecution prevents them from being able to file a civil suit against their abuser. Even if the abuser is also the defendant in a criminal prosecution, you can still file a civil suit.

The standard of proof for abuse civil suits is lower than it is in criminal court. The victim must show that it is more likely than not the defendant abused him or her, which is proving by a preponderance of the evidence. In a criminal case, the victim must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant abused him or her because of the more severe punishment.

Contact Atlanta’s Abuse Civil Suit Attorney

Abuse in any form is a serious offense. If someone is abusing you in Atlanta, you need legal help to escape the situation and be able to move on with your life. The attorneys at ChancoSchiffer P.C. have experience dealing with abuse civil suits and understand how serious they are. We will treat you with compassion and care, providing personal and dedicated attention. Contact ChancoSchiffer P.C. for attorneys who will do everything possible to get you the compensation you need to recover from your abuse.