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Atlanta Burn Injury Lawyer

Millions of burn injuries occur in the United States every year. In 2016, 486,000 burn injuries were severe enough to require medical treatment. If another person caused you to suffer a burn injury in Atlanta, you may be able to receive compensation from the negligent party.

The Atlanta personal  injury attorney at ChancoSchiffer P.C. offer dedicated and experienced representation for your burn injury claim. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of burn injury attorneys.

First-Degree Burn Injuries

The three main kinds of burns are first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree. In first-degree burns, damage is done to the first layer of skin only, which makes them the easiest to recover from. They are known as superficial burns. Some of the signs of first-degree burns include:

  • Redness of the skin
  • Minor inflammation or swelling
  • Pain
  • Peeling, dry skin

First-degree burns often heal in seven to ten days. Unless the burn covers a large area, you can treat them at home with methods such as:

  • Soaking the burn area in cool water
  • Taking medicine for pain
  • Using antibiotic ointment
  • Applying aloe vera or cream

Second-Degree Burns

The damage from second-degree burns usually affects the first and second layers of skin, causing them to be more serious. With these burns, the skin may develop blisters and become red and sore. In some situations, the blisters may pop and make the wound look wet before scab-like tissue covers the burn.

Most second-degree burns heal in about two or three weeks, but healing can take longer. The healing process will be longer if the blisters are serious. Though second-degree burns rarely cause scarring, they can often leave skin discoloration. You can treat many second-degree burns at home but, as with first-degree burns, you should seek medical attention if it covers a large area of your skin.

Third-Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are the most severe category of burns, as they damage every skin layer. However, though they are the most severe, third-degree burns do not cause the most pain. The burn damage often extends so far as to damage the nerves beneath the skin, so you will not feel as much as with first and second-degree burns. Some symptoms of third-degree burns are:

  • Waxy/white color
  • Charred or dark brown appearance
  • Leathery texture
  • Blisters stop developing

Many third-degree burns require surgery or serious medical treatment and often lead to scarring. You should not attempt to treat them at home.

Compensation and Damages

If another person is responsible for your burn injury, the court may award you damages for the injury. The defendant may have to compensate you for past and future medical expenses, such as hospitalization fees, costs of doctor visits, physical therapy, or any other medical costs you may have.

The court may also order the defendant to compensate you for wages you lost because of days off you needed to recover. Lost wages also include a difference in earning potential if you are no longer able to earn as high a salary as before the burn.

Burn injury damages also include pain and suffering. Because burn injuries can cause permanent disfigurement and scarring, they can impact overall quality of life more significantly than some other injuries. The defendant may have to compensate you for a reduced quality of life caused by the injury.

Atlanta Burn Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered a burn injury caused by another person or organization’s reckless behavior, you may be eligible to file a claim. The burn injury lawyers at ChancoSchiffer P.C. have extensive experience with Georgia burn injury law and can help guide you through the process. We pride ourselves on providing all our clients with the personal attention they deserve. Contact ChancoSchiffer P.C. for representation in your Georgia burn injury claim.