Attorney Joshua Schiffer Recently Appeared on ‘Banfield’

Attorney Joshua G. Schiffer, founding partner of ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC, recently appeared on an episode of ‘Banfield’ on NewsNation. The spot covered the ongoing sex trafficking trial of G. Maxwell and the courses the case could take.

Ashleigh Banfield, host of ‘Banfield,’ noted that Maxwell has a big decision to make whether to testify now that photographic evidence has been presented suggesting she had a close relationship with J. Epstein. Banfield posed the question to Josh as to whether the defense will try to spin the story to argue that, because Maxwell and Epstein were intimately involved, it’s unlikely she recruited young women for him.

Josh stated that jurors are intelligent and likely to see past any “lies and fakery and trickery” presented by the defense. He said that the state could argue, based on the evidence and witness testimony, that Maxwell “went beyond what a girlfriend would do” and set up Epstein with these girls.

ChancoSchiffer Law, LLC is representing one of Epstein’s alleged victims.

Click here to watch the full ‘Banfield’ episode.

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