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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Most motorcyclists understand the extended risks they take when maneuvering in a vehicle with minimal protection and high speed capacity. However, this doesn’t leave drivers off the hook for driving recklessly around motorcyclists. If a driver fails to allow proper space for motorcyclists, give them the right of way or doesn’t see a motorcyclists due to a distraction, you may pursue an injury lawsuit against them to repair the damages of your injury.

All drivers must do their part in assuring the road is safe for all drivers, including motorcyclists and pedestrians. If you or a loved one has been injured in an Atlanta motorcycle accident, contact our office today to discuss your case over a free consultation. Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting for the rights of accident victims, and can help you.

Why Choose ChancoSchiffer PC?

Motorcycle accident cases require experienced legal expertise to understand the injury sustained and the measures that must be taken to account for damages. From broken bones and surgery through complex RSD and PTSD diagnosis, ChancoSchiffer P.C. is specialized in injury cases and will provide you with the experienced defense in two-wheeled accident cases to ensure desirable results. Our attorneys can:

  • Gather testimony from witnesses
  • May subpoena to obtain security camera footage and other forms of relevant evidence
  • Examine reports
  • Handle complex litigation between insurance companies
  • File all required documents by State deadlines
  • File all required documents by state deadlines
  • Represent you and your interests in mediation and court
  • Gather all necessary information to determine the cause of your accident

Our legal team will also walk you through the complex process of pursuing a personal injury case and provide you personalized representation the whole way. Our team is deliberate in maintaining a small case load to ensure each case gets the proper attention and care it requires.

Motorcycle Liability Laws in Atlanta

If you sustain injuries in a motorcycle accident in Georgia, you may be eligible to recover damages for any losses from the accident from an at-fault party. Depending the cause of your accident will ultimately decide who you may seek compensation from for your injuries. For example, if a texting driver in Atlanta swerved into your lane and caused you accident, you may likely collect compensation to pay for any medical expenses related to the accident, including lost wages, property loss or damage, medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering.

Proving Negligence/ At-Fault Driver

Before you can collect any compensation from a motorcycle accident settlement, the court will need to determine who is liable. Georgia law requires that you prove that the other driver was negligent, which then caused the accident. To do so, a victim and their legal team must prove the following:

  • Victim suffered damages because of the accident
  • The at-fault driver had a responsibility to the victim to abide by road rules and ensure safety for other drivers
  • Victim’s injuries are a direct result of the motorcycle accident
  • A connection exists between the driver’s failed responsibility and your injuries

Once you and your legal counsel can satisfy the above requirements, you have a strong, compelling personal injury lawsuit. However, proving liability is not always easy in these cases.

Comparative Negligence Laws in Georgia

Georgia operates under comparative negligence laws for determining liability in personal injury cases. According to these laws, if you are partially responsible for the accident, the courts will reduce the final settlement amount you will receive. Breaking a traffic law, failure to follow the right of way, or impaired driving can cause the courts to find you partially liable.

For example, imagine the jury awards you a final settlement of $200,000. However, you were speeding at the time of the accident, and the jury determines you are 30% liable for the accident. The court will then reduce your final settlement by 30% and the actual amount you receive will be $140,000.

What to Do in a Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, don’t panic. After the accident occurs, stay at the scene. If you are able, collect information from the at-fault driver, such as:

  • Name
  • Insurance number
  • License plate
  • Make and model of the driver’s car
  • Pictures of damage

Make sure the driver stays at the scene until law enforcement arrives.

It is very important not to say that you were at fault for the accident or to admit guilt in any way. You may not remember all the facts of the incident due to shock or your injuries. If possible, collect information from witnesses around the area.

After you receive medical attention, make sure to collect a report from your visit. Once you return home or feel stable enough to make a call, contact our legal team immediately.

If you are unable to perform the above actions due to your injuries or shock, don’t worry. ChancoSchiffer P.C. is here to help. Our Atlanta attorneys are skilled in investigating motorcycle accident cases. We will gather testimony from witnesses, review security footage, examine reports, and collect all available forms of evidence to build a strong, compelling case for you.

How much is my Motorcycle Accident Claim worth in Atlanta?

After evaluating the factors of your case, an experienced Georgia accident lawyer will be able to discuss the possibilities of a realistic range for the settlement that you will propose to the insurance company.

The next step is for your Georgia accident lawyer to send a letter of demand to the insurance company and wait for the the insurance company to make a payment.

Our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney team has extensive knowledge and expertise on motor vehicle accident claims. We can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Atlanta office today to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation. We also accept contingency cases, so you are able to defer attorney fees until we win you case – call (404) 842-0909.