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Slip and Falls on Another’s property

Georgia Injury Attorneys

Slip and Fall Injuries and Premises Liability

Slip-Fall-Attorney-400x300A slip and fall sounds minor, and that is what the store wants you to think. Some even try to undermine your claim by settling it promptly.  Legally, the owners & occupiers of a property have a duty to inspect and ensure that their premise is safe.  This is especially true for places that are open to the public  (like stores, restaurants, and other business establishments).  When someone falls, it isn’t funny. Injuries from fall accidents are complex — at times the injuries may appear immediately; other times they ma injuries may appear later on.

You need an attorney that understands the complexity of a slip or trip and fall case.

If you are injured from a slip or trip and fall, you should:

  • Take photos of the fall location and floor/rug
  • Take a picture of the wet floor signs
  • Get witness name and info
  • Incident report
  • Get a lawyer!

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