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Semi-Truck Injury Cases

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

Semi-Truck, Big Rig, Commercial Vehicle Wrecks

truck-injuryAn encounter with a Big-Rig or Commercial Vehicle is most often a life changing experience. The incredible weight, mass and speed contained in these “trains of the highway” means that every accident has the potential for catastrophic loss.

The injuries are worse, the property damage more severe, and the insurance companies have more to protect since the limits of liability are higher. You need an expert, a nation wide leader in this extraordinarily specialized field.

At Chanco Schiffer, we ensure you an attorney with extensive experience in truck and tractor personal injury lawsuits. Our firm is dedicated to getting you the justice you deserve, as you don’t want some “General Practitioner” who is going to get run over by the insurance adjuster; you need the right legal help to get the best results for the kind of commercial vehicle case you have.

When faced with a life changing injury, call Chanco Schiffer to help. The sooner we are able to get involved the more evidence we can preserve in your case. Call now so we can discuss the details: (404) 842-0909