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Inadequate Security

Inadequate Security

Inadequate Security
Have you or a loved one been the victim of an attack, shooting, stabbing, fight or other violent incident on the property of another? Populated areas such as night clubs, motels, apartments, shopping centers and super markets are well known areas for violent criminal attacks. If you or someone close to you was injured because of the lack of security, contact Chanco Schiffer today.

When a business fails to provide adequate security measures, innocent people can become the victims of injury. These most commonly happen when:

  • Security patrols not on duty when needed
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Lack of proper security hardware including locks on windows and doors
  • Duplicate keys being given to unauthorized tenants or personnel
  • Lack of adequate locks on common areas like pools and gyms
  • Incompetent or poorly trained or supervised security personnel such as private guards and bouncers
  • Lack of adequate security measures despite a prior history of crimes in and around commercial or residential property

When there is a lack of security in a public place, criminal activity and injury may be inflicted upon an innocent person.

Even college campuses around the country, including areas of Atlanta, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and The University of Georgia are becoming more open to attacks on students and resulting in negligent security lawsuits. If you are a college student or you know of a college student that has been injured or assaulted on or near campus due to the lack of security, contact our office.

Recent Example of Negligent Security Cases We Have Handled Include the Following:

  • CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT. Resident at hotel severely beaten by five people around his eye, causing a brain injury. Hotel ignored prior criminal activity, and failed to provide adequate security, including full perimeter fencing as required by local ordinance.

If you need the assistance of an experienced attorney and lawyer that is knowledgeable about these types of security issues on commercial properties such as bars, night clubs, storage facilities, apartment buildings, shopping malls, and other similar areas throughout Georgia call Chanco Schiffer.