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Atlanta Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents have a different veneer than any other type of personal injury case. Sometimes the jury members form a preconceived profile of the plaintiff, simply because he or she drives a motorcycle. These are also the cases where a minor collision can lead to tragic results including death, dismemberment, serious head trauma and more.

Motorcycle Injury Specialists

Motorcycle accident cases need lawyers who specialize in the type of injury sustained. From broken bones and surgery through complex RSD and PTSD diagnosis, the attorneys at Chanco Schiffer P.C. provide you with the specialized defense in two-wheeled accident cases to ensure maximize results when victimized by the negligence of another.

Chanco Schiffer provides you with the right lawyer- someone who you can trust to manage your case and move it toward the best result possible.

Don’t trust your motorcycle case to someone who is inexperienced. You need an attorney who can get you the most money and understands how insurance coverage in motorcycle wrecks are different than auto wrecks. Call us at (404) 842-0909.