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I consider myself fortunate to be in a family who has a long history of “helping people.” My father, Dr Dan Schiffer was a senior scientist for Kimberly-Clark.  My mother, Dr. Gail Schiffer, worked as a biology professor for Kennesaw State University. They gave back to the community with their knowledge. My brother provides mental health services to inmates in a Minnesota maximum security facility.

Before I opened my own firm, I represented people in Georgia as a public defender and became the lead public defense attorney for several judges in Fulton County. I was also the supervisor of the State All Purpose Calendar, where I managed several other attorneys who provided defense for more than 100 cases a week. During this time, I also worked with and trained more than 20 defense attorneys in trial skills and court operations in Georgia.

Both as a public defender and in my own practice, I have worked extensively with mental health issues, domestic violence defense, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, and other issues that significantly impact the lives of many of my clients. I find a great satisfaction in “helping people.”

A Georgia Criminal Law Attorney Dedicated to My Clients

In addition to providing skilled and experienced criminal defense in the Atlanta metro area, I remain involved in a number of special projects throughout Georgia. I’ve worked with individuals who are fighting for the right to raise chickens in an urban community. I’ve represented individuals in a number of business development deals. I remain committed to the community and do a lot of pro bono work for people who are currently in recovery.

My firm also has become active in defending those who work in the adult entertainment industry, and for those whose charges range from speeding tickets to drug possession.

I am proud of being a graduate of the legendary Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, which is a school for trial lawyers that consists of a three-week course taught at Mr. Spence’s rural Wyoming ranch. It is limited to 54 students per year and the staff is made up of some of the best criminal defense and plaintiff’s attorneys in the nation.

My motive has always been to help people and I continue to provide that help in every area that I can. If you have been arrested and need to speak with a lawyer, I encourage you to talk with me as soon as possible about your rights and options.

Contact me at Chanco Schiffer for a free phone consultation. Call my Atlanta office at (404) 842-0909 to make an appointment.