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Dependents in Wrongful Death Cases

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Dependents in Wrongful Death Cases

recovery-shutter285296222-man-comforting-upset-womanThere are certain factors that insurance companies will take into consideration when examining claims that assert that the claimant was a dependent of the deceased. For example, the insurance company will examine whether or not the dependency claimed was a partial or total dependency. Also, the term of the dependency has to be determined, along with the cost of the decedent’s maintenance had he or she lived, the exact relationship of the claimant and the decedent, and the current status of the claimant. A skilled Georgia accident lawyer can further advise you regarding your particular situation.

When it comes to the children of the deceased, insurance carriers typically make a combined offer to settle all of the claims of the surviving adult children, which, in turn, allows for the division of the proceeds. In general, the more dependent a child is, the higher the evaluation. However, adult children are usually less dependent than minor children. The projected amount of time for dependency is much larger for younger children than those children who are close to the years of emancipation.

With respect to spouses, a surviving spouse may demand a compensation amount that is required to maintain the way of life that he or she had become accustomed to during the decedent’s lifetime. The spouse may also request compensation for loss of consortium (or loss of love and companionship).

With regard to parental claims, any claims that are made by dependent parents are generally handled in the same manner as other dependents on the basis of full or partial dependency, which is limited by the parent’s life expectancy. Non-dependent parents tend to be evaluated in the same way as adult children. However, a parent’s claim will be evaluated in a higher fashion in cases where the deceased child regularly visited the parents, assisted with tasks around the house, and demonstrated love and devotion in a variety of other ways. On the other hand, parents who had occasional or rare contact with the deceased child will yield a much lower evaluation. If you need a Georgia accident lawyer, please call Chanco Schiffer, P.C. at (404) 842-0909.