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Crime victims

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers

Are You the Victim of a Crime?

agir-ceza-avukati-400x300Being the victim of violent crime is a horrific experience. When another person hurts you, the criminal justice system and the DA are not your only resource.

Georgia law allows for civil remedies in many criminal actions. The partners at Chanco Schiffer are former prosecutors who obtained justice for victims of crime. They continue to serve and protect crime victims in civil cases.

Damages in a Domestic Violence Lawsuit

If you decide to pursue legal action because you have been the victim of domestic violence, your Georgia personal injury attorney will be able to seek damages for you in several areas. Damages can include previous and future medical expenses, psychological care, past and future lost wages, and compensation for your pain and suffering.

Past Case Result: Domestic Violence Claim Against ex-NFL Player

Confidential settlement for the wife of a former NFL football player who savagely assaulted and battered her. This former NFL player took his wife against her will to a dark, secluded, poorly lit parking lot where he threatened to kill her, and while attacking her fractured her back.

The attorneys at Chanco Schiffer were successful in forcing an insurance carrier to provide coverage for this injury, which led to the victim obtaining justice.

Lasting Physical Injuries

Many of the injuries commonly suffered by victims of domestic violence lead to medical problems later in life, and your Georgia personal injury attorney may need to hire a medical expert to testify at trial regarding your future medical care. For instance, if your injuries include a strained back, you may be at a heightened risk for degenerative disease as you age. Additionally, heart disease and hypertension have been identified as potential long-term consequences of domestic violence. If your injuries will require future care, your Georgia personal injury attorney will be crucial to your ability to recover damages for such expenses.

Mental and Emotional Injuries

Similar to physical injuries, psychological injuries arising from domestic violence can be devastating and long-lasting. Many victims require ongoing psychological care to cope with the effects of the abuse. Because the psychological effects of domestic violence are complex and vary from victim to victim, your Georgia personal injury attorney may need to hire a mental health expert with a background in domestic violence to establish your need for future care.

Difficulty of Returning to Work

Often, victims of domestic violence have trouble maintaining their jobs because of the upheaval the violence causes in their lives. Victims may suffer illnesses or injuries that make work impossible, may be forced to change residences frequently, or may be tied up in court appearances. If you have lost your job or missed time at work, your Georgia personal injury attorney may be able to obtain reimbursement for your lost past and future wages. If you have lost your job as a result of the violence, in order to recover damages, you must make reasonable efforts to find a new job as soon as you are physically and mentally able.

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