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Hit and Run

Georgia Injury Attorneys

Hit and Run Accidents

hit-n-runThe tragedy of being the victim in an automobile accident is compounded when the crash is a hit and run. Victims can be left defenseless and without medical aid during the critical minutes following a crash. Under Georgia law, all drivers involved in an accident that caused vehicle damage or human injury are required to immediately stop or return to the scene. The drivers have a duty to exchange information or to get help if their actions caused an injury.

Why would a driver hit and run? Many times the driver does not have car insurance, a valid driver’s license or does not have legal immigrant status. Other times the drivers are afraid to face the consequences of their actions. Regardless of the reason, a hit and run is a misdemeanor act, which can become a felony offense incurring up to five years in prison.

The accident injury attorneys at Chanco Schiffer, P.C are here to litigate on your behalf, to ensure that you get compensation for damages from the driver and the insurance company. We are here to help even inn the event that the at-fault driver is never located. Call (404) 842-0909.