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About Us

About Chanco Schiffer, Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers

At the turn of the century, small town lawyers were going extinct.

Flashy firms with million dollar advertising budgets and marble offices overwhelmed the industry with “one size fits all” style justice. Clients became a commodities who never even met their lawyer in person.

Around this time, two lawyers began their legal careers with a different vision than those “one size fits all” firms. These lawyers, the attorneys of ChancoSchiffer, P.C., had the goal of treating clients as individuals and helping them solve their problems one at a time.

Chanco Schiffer’s Partners

Joshua Schiffer was raised in East Cobb, by a Kennesaw State University Professor and a chemist, with a strong emphasis on Social Responsibility and the equality of opportunity. Having graduated from The Walker School and Clark University, Josh left the GSU College of Law with a clerkship in his home-town and a future in politics. Trading the courts for Real Estate, Josh eventually fell into aggressive trial win Fulton County.

Douglas B. Chanco had the good fortune of being raised by a lifelong member of the Criminal Defense Bar in Florida. From a very young age, Doug was exposed to some of the greatest legal minds in the sunshine state. A future in law was assured and Eagle Scout Doug followed his passion into a position in law enforcement. Trading the squad car for the prosecutors’ table, Doug eventually found his way into the Fulton County Courthouse and began butting heads with a certain Joshua Schiffer.

Customized Service, Small Firm Attention

In 2011 Doug and Josh combined their independent firms, The Schiffer Firm, LLC and The Law Offices of Douglas B. Chanco, LLC, and formed Chanco Schiffer

Now Chanco Schiffer P.C. is a collective of attorneys providing the same representation we want for our friends and families. Our firm continues to grow due to our results and referrals, the real measures of success. We pride ourselves on a personal approach to each case, whether we are assembling a national team for a tractor-trailer death or counseling a teenager on a drug or juvenile case. We are very proud of our accomplishments and invite you to meet with us so we can personally assist you and your family during your time of need.

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